Have you ever noticed the ridges on a dog’s nose?

They are just like the ridges on our fingertips. They are also just as unique. In this project, we’ll take several dogs’ nose prints and discover just how unique they are!


Can you identify dogs with their nose prints?


  • Food coloring
  • Paper towels
  • 5-10 dogs
  • Small pad of paper
  • Damp washcloth
  • Lab notebook
  • Pen or pencil


  1. Use a clean paper towel to gently dab your dog’s nose.

    You want to dry the nose, but you don’t want to be rough or rub back and forth.

  2. Pour some food coloring onto another paper towel. Dab the paper towel with the food coloring onto your dog’s nose.
  3. Gently press the pad of paper against your dog’s nose. Be gentle. Don’t press hard, but be sure to cover the dog’s entire nose. You should now have an impression of the dog’s nose print!
  4. Use a damp washcloth to gently dab the dog’s nose, removing the food coloring.
  5. Observe the impression. Record your observations in your notebook.
  6. Repeat these steps with each dog.
  7. Analyze your data. Are the prints similar? Are they different? How?

To add a pop of color in any room of the house – do a doggie art painting! Personal touches like art and photographs always make a house feel like a home, especially when it’s family members are the inspiration.