They’re cool.  They’re trendy.  They’re super neat on Twitter.  Long before Facebook knew what to do with them, hashtags have been in use.  In fact, if you aren’t sure what they are, we wrote about them here.

So- what are the advantages to using them on Facebook, what does it mean for your personal and business networking needs and- finally, I’ll tell you what I think this new feature opens the door to.

What can I do with a hashtag on Facebook?

  1. Search them in your search box by typing “#hashtag” (replacing hashtag with your item of interest, like: #pizza or #corwin or #tampa).
  2. You can post using hashtags to make your posts more visible to other users who are not already connected with your business.

Why is this advantageous to me?   Well lets say you have a very obscure hobby, like frisbee-golf.  And maybe, you’re looking for someone who you can connect with on Facebook, who also likes to play.  You could search the term easily, and make connections: as seen here.

What’s left to develop?

As software developers, the first thing we notice when a new feature rolls out is (drumroll, please?): what’s wrong with it.  That usually tells you what is going to be rolled out in later phases.  So for the geek in you, here’s what we think and hope is coming.

  1. Edge Rank.  Hashtag searches doing have the same priority ranking as your newsfeed- it’s just sorted by date stamp.  We’d like to see more popular hashtag posts at the top.
  2. Search by multiple hashtags to narrow it down.  So instead of #discgolf, we’d like to search for #tampa #discgolf
  3. Developer access: I’d love to develop an application that could pull these topics into a social listening platform.
  4. Trending:  Maybe you could tell us what the popular hashtags are for time periods of our choosing
  5. Mobile: Nope- can’t search them on my phone.  Bummer.

All in all, we see great potential for our social media guru friends and can’t wait to see what’s next!